The Scheme of Things…

In the grand scheme of things, we’re just specks. Nothing more, nothing less.

Photo: Gina Pham

Location: Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, La Veranda Resorts

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Cultural Outing

This Saturday I’ll be sucking up as much cultural as I possibly can. If you’re in L.A. and near the LACMA, come and see the World Premiere of Alex Turnbull and Pete Stern’s amazing documentary, Beyond Time: William Turnbull.

William Turnbull, one of Britain’s greatest living artists is fascinating, poignant, and totally radical.

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Red Haze

Photo: Jules Gayton
Andre and Paul’s MOCA Art In The Streets Afterparty with Fraser Cooke
Fraser: Visvim (of course) Joy: Ever

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In Bloom

Flowers: From Arturo at McGrath Farms, Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Cup/Vase: Taco Bell.

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The Eye of the Storm

After a soul warming meal of homemade udon at Omen in NYC, my friend Julie Gilhart and I ventured out into the desolate and snow covered streets. Blizzard anyone?
photo: Brent Rollins

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A Brisk Day

In NYC for the Brisk25 this past weekend…. it was “Brisk” in more ways than one…

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M.A.C. Attack, Wonder Woman Style

Wonder Woman is heading to a MAC store near you….  POW!!

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My 2010 Grab bag

2010 was a magical year…  filled with disappointment, love, friendship, pain, adventure, tragedy, learning, and more. Constantly being tested by what life threw my way. I’m ready to move on. And as I count down to 2011…

A few moments from 2010.

Shit happens, but you never expect it to be like this… A three car accident, followed by trips to the emergency room, my first pair of crutches, lots of medication, x-rays, MRIs, physical therapy, doctors visits, insomnia… never ending.

One of the top three worst things that has ever happened in my life so far.

Now moving on to happier times…

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Cooking With Daniel Boulud

A while back I got to cook with my mentor and dear friend Chef Daniel Boulud and one of my best friend’s Chef Bradford Thompson for Daniel’s show After Hours. It was like old times… We filmed at Ford’s Filling Station in Culver City owned by another friend, Chef Ben Ford.

Slaving away in the kitchen peeling vegetables, macerating strawberry with lemon verbena, taste testing, and getting yelled at by Daniel… the best time ever.

I show up around at 5:30 and then again at 21:00, but I was talking back in the kitchen for at least a couple of hours. Proof is at 5:40 and I could not stop laughing.

Click to Watch Here: After Hours

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Daido Moriyama

Morning. She’s barely awake. She sits up and rests her naked body on her hind legs. Her body automatically leaning to the left. It’s too early for good posture. Her shoulders hunch causing her spine to curve, the bones protrude ever so slightly. Her hair is a mess. For a second, she contemplates running her fingers through it to tame her unruly curls, but the thought quickly evaporates. Instead she lights a cigarette and inhales its sweet and noxious fumes. It calms her as she sits there thinking about nothing…

The new Daido Moriyama book coming out on Skira. The World through My Eyes.… a must. An image is worth a thousand words… or more.

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