Three’s Company

Tunde, me, and Kyp in Mexico City

Photo by Emilio Valdes

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Denim Coverall Total Recall

Hi Visvim, meet Diego Rivera.

Diego Rivera, meet Visvim.

photos: Diego Rivera’s working jacket located in his studio in Coyoacán in Mexico City. Visvim Denim Coverall for 2011.

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Where’s Wal… Tunde?

Munal: Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City D.F.

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Can’t even get it centered…

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Cheering Myself Up

With this picture of my nephew.

I bought him funny glasses when he was a baby. Good to know he’s still got years of mileage to get out that thing.

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So Hard to Say Goodbye…

This is Gerry. He passed away last week.

Tomorrow friends and family will get together in Brooklyn to say goodbye. I wish I could be there to say good-bye in person.

He will be missed.

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All Gone

All Gone book party at UNDFTD L.A.

L: La MJC, author, M: Me, R: Nick Jackson from Twelve Bar

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Wigged Out

Nothing like a Justin Bieber/Johnny Rzeznik wig bought at Tokyu Hands in Shibuya to transform one from wallflower to supermodel.

Sean poses like he was born to model. All I could do was sit back and watch the magic unfold… “Work it!”

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Jiro Ono, Sushi Master (Revisit)

$300 for 15 minutes of sheer heaven and hell. Possibly the most stressful and most expensive meal of my life was served to me by this unassuming man, Jiro Ono. But since our first encounter things have laxed a little. I now chew my food before swallowing and the nervous sweating has subsided… kind of.

Was it worth it? I like to think so.

Will I be back? Most definitely. If not for the sushi, just to say hi to Jiro-san, and give him a hug.

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