Jiro Ono, Sushi Master (Revisit)

$300 for 15 minutes of sheer heaven and hell. Possibly the most stressful and most expensive meal of my life was served to me by this unassuming man, Jiro Ono. But since our first encounter things have laxed a little. I now chew my food before swallowing and the nervous sweating has subsided… kind of.

Was it worth it? I like to think so.

Will I be back? Most definitely. If not for the sushi, just to say hi to Jiro-san, and give him a hug.

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One Response to "Jiro Ono, Sushi Master (Revisit)"

  1. How cool! You’ll have to write all about it when you get back! Have fun The New York Grill (read: Lost In Translation bar) on the top of the Park Hyatt in Shinjuku really broke our bank but so worth it for the view even just to grab a drink! But most of all I’d give antyihng to go back to this back alley izakaya in Kabukicho where the beer is 150yen and the karaage is fresh! Can’t wait to hear all about your yummy food adventures!

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